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MLD Therapies At Parksville Massage Therapy

My name is Sonia. I am the owner of Parksville Therapy. I am a Registered Massage Therapist with many years of experience, member of the CMTBC (College of Massage Therapies British Columbia, and a member of the Dr. Vodder Academy International, and a strong believer in the Holistic Approach to healing.  In today’s post I’d like to highlight Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a gentle and light technique that has profound effects on the body by encouraging the lymphatic system to work harder and faster.  One of the main functions of the lymph system is the disposal of waste material from the body’s tissues.  MLD is thought to bring toxins to the lymph nodes quicker where they can be neutralized.  The therapist stretches the skin just enough to assist and speed lymph flow and drainage of tissues thus decreasing inflammation and in many cases pain as well.  MLD is a indicated for use with these conditions: lyphedema, hematomas, muscle strains, sprains, post fracture, CRPS, scar therapy, tendinitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, migraines, Meniere’s, venous- arterial- and diabetic ulcers and so many more.

Our goal, as a company, is to provide our clients with a unique combination of techniques and stretches, promote healing, stress-reduction, and increase their body awareness. We provide a confidential, safe and compassionate setting where we work with our clients collaboratively to meet their needs.

We offer many different modalities, more than the standard list of massages; tell us where it hurts and we will work to apply the right techniques to provide you relief. We are a very spiritual company and many of our clients trust our intuition to tell them which massage would be the most beneficial and leads to the greatest results. And due to our pricing policy, the client never has to worry about the pricing difference between massages but only the number of minutes to schedule.

Everyone is different, and one massage does not fit all. This is why I like to schedule a 2 hour initial session so that I am better able to understand who you are, what you are looking for and how I can help. Please know that any information that you share will be completely confidential.

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